Business English

The Business Class offers clients specialized programs for studying business English language (Business English). In the Business English course, like the General English course, you will study grammar, vocabulary (with a stress on business lexicon), develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension skills. The main difference between general and business English is the lexicon and the context in which the language will be used. While in the general course functioning in every day situations is the main focus, in the business course the stress in on situations, topics, and business vocabulary which you might meet in the while conducting business activities (business trips, meetings, negotiations, business telephone conversations, presentations, information interaction with clients, business correspondence and so on). 

If you choose to study business English, it does not mean that your lessons will be boring. Just as in the general English course, you will play role games to practice interaction in various situations you might encounter and discuss interesting and diversified topics specific to your field.

In addition to the basic textbook, your teacher will prepare additional teaching materials for lessons: exercises on vocabulary and grammar, as well as supplementary reading materials (articles from newspapers, magazines, and the Internet) related to a subject interesting you. We can also offer you additional specialized trainings (see Trainings) which will assist in preparing for an interview, carrying out negotiations, creating and giving presentations and many other things.


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