Job opportunities

Business Class is looking for motivated and qualified native speakers to join its team of English teachers on a full or part-time basis. We offer professional growth and academic support, as well as a full library of resources and a friendly, informal atmosphere.

About the school

Business Class is a progressive and innovative language and communications training company working with companies to empower and motivate their staff. We aim to create a stimulating,
supportive and professional working atmosphere which inspires our teaching staff to aim for the highest levels of professionalism and student progress. We believe in fostering excellence through support and staff training and expect in return a dedication to results and accountability.

Who do we need?

If you have enthusiasm, a degree, and a recognised TEFL qualification which included supervised teaching practice with real language learners, we welcome your application to join our team.
The role of our English Teachers is to teach in-company classes, and to provide guidance and support to the students in order to reach the their language training objectives. Due to the level of responsibility given to our teachers, from day-to-day management of lessons and schedules to skills gap analysis and curriculum planning, this position is suitable only for experienced teaching professionals.

What is offered?

Business class offers a competitive salary - from 700 RUR per academic hour, depending on prior experience and qualifications. A full-time salary for a full-time contract of up to 30 academic hours per week can be between 65000-75000 RUR per month.

Visa Support

Business Class offers full visa support to its full-time teaching staff. As a licensed school, Business Class is in a position to offer its teachers a Working visa for educational purposes. The initial entry visa may be extended by up to a year and makes it unnecessary to leave the country after a period of 90 days, as is now the requirement for all other types of visa, including Business visas. 

How to reach us

Send your CV to Alternatively, call us directly on +7(495) 228-78-56.
Our address is 2 Sretensky tupik, Moscow, Russia, 107045.

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