The company Business Class was founded in 2004. It was aspired to create a company exclusively oriented towards meeting the special needs of corporate clients.

Business Class intentionally choses to work within such a narrow specialization because the corporate sector is a special sphere having its own specific requirements which are impossible to meet using the same attitudes and techniques utilized when teaching children or teenagers, or in private lessons with adults.

All of our teachers have worked with companies from various areas of business and are quite familiar with the psychological aspects involved in working with expert professionals, taking into account the nuances of corporate ethics and the special problems and situations each student will face in the course of their official duties in their position within the collective. As a rule, our teachers become a kind of consultant and psychologist for their corporate clients, sharing with them the extensive experience which they have built up over years of experience working in the business sphere both here and in their home country.

We always strive to find an individual approach to all of our clients. In developing a program of English language study, we keep the specific requirements and wishes of each individual client in mind and, likewise, do our utmost to create a study schedule which can be most conveniently worked into or around their work schedule. We take great care in assuring that each client is provided with the best possible teacher for teaching the specific skills that the client needs and to offer our services at a reasonable price.

During the short period of time that has passed since our company was founded we have already accumulated an extremely impressive list of clients. At present our respected partners include: Philips, Shell, Avon, Russia Today, Exxon Mobil, Svyaznoy, Severstal- Resourse, RosBusinessConsulting, Credit Europe Bank and many others.

We are ready to become your partners and to play an important role in improving the competitive skills of your specialists, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of your business.

Yours Faithfully,

“Business Class”