Teachers at Business Class are highly qualified professionals with great experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Both Russian and native English speaking teachers (Americans, Canadians, British, Irish, etc.) work for our center. All of them have earned CELTA certificates from Cambridge University or an international TESOL certificate and possession of such an internationally recognized teaching certificate is an obligatory condition for attaining employment at Business class. Just because someone is a native speaker doesn’t automatically mean they will be a good teacher. Business Class teachers all have two degrees of higher education: a university diploma and a diploma in English language teaching granted by Cambridge University which certifies that the recipient is qualified to competently teach English using the communicative method.

Moreover all of our teachers are nice people with whom it will be interesting to study and simply pleasant to communicate with. Our teachers will help you break through the language barrier by encouraging you to talk to your heart’s content in English without worry or concern, and to take great pleasure from your English studies.

At Business Class there are two key elements which contribute to the excellent results you will achieve. Our highly developed English training program is one of these. The other keystone to success in studying English language is the teacher. This is why Business Class only hires teachers who are able to meet the very highest professional standards. Besides our requirement that all teachers hold an internationally recognized English teaching certificate (CELTA, TESOL or DELTA) and have at least one year’s teaching, we consider personal qualities as well.

You oughtn’t be bored during lessons. Many interesting assignments and themes for discussion await you. Studying English with a native speaker guarantees that you will be working with English as it is actually spoken today in its native countries. This is especially important at the initial stage when listeners repeat their teacher’s pronunciation and intonations. Native speakers can share the nuances of their native language with you and teach you to use grammar structures, expressions, and how to speak in various situations correctly.