Russian as foreign language

Business Class offers its clients lessons in Russian using the methodology “Russian as a Foreign Language.” (RKI)  Our teachers are specially trained to teach RKI to foreigners regardless of their native language.  This allows students of different nationalities to study Russian groups where thee is no common language other than Russian.  Such lessons have been proved to be highly effective as students have simply no choice but to communicate with each other in Russian.  All of our teachers have higher educations in the sphere of teaching RKI (graduate students of MGU or PhDs of MGU), have experience teaching corporate clients, and teach courses on RKI at various universities.

In addition to conducting the language lessons, our teachers will take you on periodic excursions around the city, create role plays for you in real life situations, help acquaint you with the culture and history of Moscow and Russia or, in other words, help you to adapt to your life in Russia.

We offer you the following courses:


This course is intended for students of all levels and combines traditional and communicative methods of training. The main task of this course is to provide an opportunity for the student to be trained in conversational Russian using the most prevalent Russian grammar structures. It is assumed that the most active work of the student is in reading original texts with and without direct use of a dictionary and that in the process of study the student will practice conversation skills, writing, phonetics and grammar.  In a general Russian course integrated with a course in Russian conversation, the main task is to acquaint students to as many special features and unique lexical constructions of Russian speech as possible. The course in conversational Russian can be offered to students of any level as it has been developed applying the most modern conversation training techniques and can also acquaint students with specialized Russian business terminology. Besides focusing on active conversation the course also includes practical application of key grammar structures.


The course in Business Russian is intended for foreign experts conducting business in Russia, managers, traders, businessmen, etc. We invite all specialists who wish to achieve significant progress in carrying out both typical and confidential negotiations, establishing new business contacts, engaging business correspondences, organizing presentations, conferences, or conducting any other kind of business activity. The course includes basic commercial and business vocabulary and is designed to help students breakthrough the Russian language barrier and get them up and running in all areas of specialized language use – conversation, writing, and dialogues.